Review of Royal Neighbors of America Life Insurance

Company Highlights

Royal Neighbors of America Burial Insurance
  • Competitive Pricing with   Convenient  Application  Process
  • Most Lenient Health Underwriting of  "Final Expense'  Carriers 
  • No Exams and Policies Placed In-Force The Same Day


If you are shopping for a burial or so called "final expense" policy, you have landed in a good spot. This site reviews many of  burial insurance companies with an emphasis on company's that show excellent financial strength combined with streamlined application processes. Today, reviews the Royal Neighbors of America company or RNA.

The focus of this site is burial insurance and therefore it is important to note that while we outline all the life insurance products sold by RNA, the emphasis is on Simplified Issue Whole Life Insurance or SIWL.

Royal Neighbors SIWL product is offered from $5000-$25000 with no medical exam. They will check your prescription history and ask about any medical conditions. The process takes 15-20 minutes and you have a policy in force.

While there are conditions like oxygen use that RNA will not issue first day "level" policies for, they are among the most lenient carriers in the marketplace. Try the quote tool and see pricing for yourself.

RNA History

The company has been around for over 120 years and has played pivotal roles in the life insurance market's  history. For instance, towards the end of the 19th century, children and women weren’t considered insurable. However, Royal Neighbors, founded by 9 women, changed this criteria. 

Founded before a time when women could exercise their basic rights, this company has withstood the test of time and is among the biggest insurance carriers led by women in the USA.

Headquartered in Illinois, along with an office in Arizona, the company serves the mission of serving communities, supporting women & insuring lives. It provides financial protection along with promoting community service. It is organized around fraternal benefits.

Review of Royal Neighbors of America Life Insurance

Since inception, the firm has seen tremendous growth and expansion cementing a stable financial foundation. It handles assets worth over $979 mn and boasts of a surplus valued over $190 mn.

The firm offers annuity products and life insurance plans, helping customers protect their loved ones against financial difficulties. It’s also an active contributor to volunteerism and community projects.  

It offers a Nation of Neighbors Program as well, providing assistance to those with plans for starting or expanding their organizations, businesses or groups which assist girls and women. Over $100000 was distributed in 2016, with an estimated $1.8 mn given away via these programs since 2007.

 A.M. Best Rating A- (excellent) 

Royal Neighbours holds an A- rating (Excellent), awarded by A.M. Best, which happens to be the 4th highest grade out of a possible 15.

The company has also been a certified member of BBB since 1986. It possesses the highest possible A+ grade awarded by BBB.

Only 4 customer complaints were registered with  the company in the last 3 years, related to its services/products and its sales & advertising.

Royal Neighbours of America Life Insurance Offerings

 The firm provides many life insurance policies to select from, including permanent and term life insurance policies. The latter comes with a death benefit protection alone, without a cash value element. As a result, these policies are more affordable for those looking to protect their loved ones on a low budget.

Term insurance is intended for a fixed period, during which premiums paid and coverage provided equal the same. These policies are better for those intending to cover their temporary needs, like paying off their mortgage balance.

Fully underwritten life insurance plans (term) are available from Royal Neighbors. It also offers JETerm product, available to customers who require fast coverage quickly. This policy is open for all applicants in the 18-60 age range and provides coverage up to $250000 - $500000, as per customer’s age.

Different riders may also be added by policyholders to their insurance policies, catering to their requirements, including:

  • Child Rider
  • Guaranteed Insurability
  • Accelerated Benefit
  • Accidental Death
  • Disability Waiver

You may also obtain cancer waiver riders, a unique feature in the industry. Opting for Promise Plus riders for cancer waiver can aid those diagnosed with Stage 2 or higher breast, cervical or ovarian cancer, with premiums waived for 2 years.

Life insurance policies on a permanent basis are also available from Royal Neighbors. These provide cash value build up as well as death benefit protections. The former means that cash in the policy can be grown without tax implications until withdrawal. Products offered of this kind include:

  • Universal Life
  • Single Premium Whole Life
  • Youth Whole Life
  • Simplified Whole Life
  • Whole Life

Whole life-based insurance policies provide death benefit protections and premiums that don’t increase with time. Diminished health or advanced age does not modify these terms. With this policy, cash values can grow at set rates determined by insurance companies. Provided the premiums have been paid, the policy covers a person’s entire life.

Youth Whole Life policies are also available from Royal Neighbors. Should the unexpected ever happen, this can provide some relief in a time of need. This plan can be extended as children grow up, therefore providing them with permanent insurance coverage, with locked-in benefits they can maintain for the rest of their lives. 

Royal Neighbours offers Single Premium Whole Life insurance options. This way, only a lump sum premium is paid, which marks the whole policy as paid up. These funds can then grow without tax implications. Policyholders may withdraw or borrow against the policy should the need arise.

With SWLI insurance, those between 50-85 can avail coverage between $5000 - $25000 without having to go through a medical exam.

Along with whole life coverage, the company also provides Universal Life Insurance. This provides a certain cash value element and death benefit protections along with higher flexibility, since premium amounts and frequency may be changed by policyholders, subject to guidelines. Coverage amounts may be adjusted as per needs. 

You can also add individual riders for customizing your insurance plans from Royal Neighbors. Universal life and whole life insurance plan purchasers can add Promise Plus waiver riders for cancer to their plan as well, including other riders along with this.

How Can I Obtain Best Possible Life Insurance Rates ?

We encourage you to work with an independent agent in choosing your life insurance plans. This will enable you to receive the very best premium rates available. Follow this rule, regardless of whether you’re seeking insurance plans from Royal Neighbors or from another company. This will provide you with ample knowledge to compare prices, policies, and companies and choose the best plan.

Here, at, we can aid you in deciding the kind of insurance you want and help you acquire it at the best rates. We work as an independent agent, with ties with several leading insurance companies operating in the industry today. Every detail that you require will be provided by us. 

Simply, give us a call or send us a message and let’s choose the optimal insurance plan for you!

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