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Prosperity life burial plans
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Prosperity Life burial plans are Final Expenses policies. This insurance , which is also known as funeral insurance or burial insurance has recently seen a surge in popularity among seniors across the USA. See our F.A.Q.

Most of these policies are being purchased, thanks to continuous advertising on TV from insurance firms like Lincoln Heritage, Globe Life, and Colonial Penn. While advertising shines a light on many insurance policies meant for seniors, many customers don’t realize that when such policies are offered directly, it results in paying expensive premiums and long waiting periods.

The following article reviews the final expense insurance product offered by Prosperity Life. This will inform you how affordable their insurance premiums are. You will also receive good advice from an independent and experienced insurance agent. 

Prosperity Life Insurance Group Details

Ranking among the top insurance providers in the USA, this insurance group offers a broad annuity and insurance products portfolio intended to enable wealth accumulation and financial protection.

It currently consists of Shenandoah Life Insurance, SBLI USA Life Insurance, and S. USA Life Insurance, with the company’s headquarters located in Texas. While the firm offers Medicare Supplements, life insurance, and annuity products, this article will focus on the Simplified Issue Whole Life  Final Expense Life Insurance product offered by Prosperity.

Financial Stability of Prosperity Life

While most insurance shoppers are usually concerned with obtaining the lowest possible rates, it is also vital that they understand the impact a company’s financial stability has. Since life insurance is a product with an extremely long lifespan, it is necessary that a company’s financial outlook for the long-term remains strong.

Prosperity Life Group, along with its subsidiaries, holds an A- Rating (Excellent), awarded by A.M. Best, which is among the top insurance rating agencies in the USA. This signifies the company’s financial outlook is stable and that they have the ability to service their operating costs and policyholder claims down the road.

Prosperity Life Burial Plans

The group is quite conscientious about its final expenses life insurance product, meant for seniors. Due to this, 3 policy types have been made so that every applicant may avail life insurance as per their requirement. The plans currently being offered are:

Level Plan or "Day 1 Coverage"

This is a whole life-related insurance product which offers coverage from the first day and level premiums. This plan is the least expensive out of all 3 plans offered and does not have a waiting period. 

Face amounts range between $1500-$35000, with eligible ages ranging between 50-80. Premiums may be paid on an annual, semi-annual, quarterly or even monthly basis. 

Accidental Death Benefits rider may also be added to Prosperity Life burial plans if their age is less than or at 74 when the application is made. All 3 plans have this rider.

Prosperity Life Burial Plans 

Sample Monthly Rates 15,000 Burial Policy

  • Men
  • Women


Non Smoker



$ 41.93

$ 52.87


$ 43.10

$ 60.03


$ 52.02

$ 72.52


$ 64.84

$ 90.39


$ 86.90

$ 120.60



$ 159.61


$ 145.65

$ 188.50

Graded Plan

The Golden Promise or graded plan is for applicants who are not medically fit enough to qualify for its Prosperity’s Level Plan. The eligibility age range is between 50-75, along with its face amounts ranging between $1500-$35000. This policy also has graded benefits as follows:

Should the policy holder's demise occur due to natural causes during the policy’s 1st year, your beneficiary shall obtain 30% of death benefits.

Should demise occur during the policy’s 2nd year, your beneficiary shall obtain 70% of death benefits.

After the 2nd year of policy coverage, death resulting due to natural causes shall provide the beneficiary with 100% of death benefits.

Death due to accidental causes shall result in 100% of death benefits being paid to the beneficiary from the policy’s 1st day. 

Modified Plan

This plan caters to those applicants suffering from multiple or severe health conditions, who don’t pass the medical requirements for either graded or level benefit plans. In this plan, death benefits range between $1500-$35000 for applicants aged between 50-80. Modified plans pay out the following death benefits:

Should death occur due to natural causes during the 1st year, the beneficiary shall obtain 110% of total premiums paid so far.

Should demise occur due to natural causes during the 2nd year, the beneficiary shall obtain 231% of total premiums paid so far. 

Going forward from that point, the beneficiary shall obtain 100% of your policy’s face amount. 

This policy option is not recommended by as there are better guaranteed issue options available to you.

Taxes, Accidents and Accelerated Death Benefit

Like most life insurance plans, the death benefit from Prosperity Life burial plans are not subject to taxes and will be paid out to the beneficiaries who are listed on policyholder’s plan. 

If the death is due to an accident, all 3 plans are bound to pay out full death benefits, regardless of when the demise takes place. 

You can also avail Accelerated Death Benefits rider, free of additional costs. Under this clause, the company is bound to pay around 50% of total death benefits to insured parties if they are diagnosed with any terminal illness. 

However, receipt of these benefits may impact public assistance program eligibility and could have tax implications. No premium charges are required separately to access this benefit. However, since it’s an early payout, a processing charge ($150)  is subtracted from the payout. 

Who Should Consider The Prosperity Life Burial Plan ?

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