Liberty Bankers Life Insurance Review

Company Highlights

Liberty Bankers  Life Insurance
  • Competitive Pricing, Simple Process, & Good Financials
  • Services  Certain Health Nichest That Most Carriers Will Not
  • Expensive Modified Product if You don't Qualify For SIWL


A lot of people who are searching for reviews of life insurance companies are trying to get familiar with specific carriers and their ranking in the marketplace. However, there are thousands of carriers and they are NOT all the same. 

Choosing the best company for your specific need. can be quite a daunting task. Here at, our work is with the most reliable insurance carriers in the natio. Within this framework, we focus on the carrier who serves the unique niche that our client requires. After all, everyone is different.

If you're  wondering whether Liberty Bankers Life would be the right choice for you, give us a call and let us help you out.  

Liberty Bankers Life Details

Designed to provide you data regarding this company, this review will aid you in deciding if it is the right choice for you. 

Liberty Bankers Life is  a  large and respected  life insurance firm focusing on the "final expense" market. Liberty Bankers  began in Oklahoma back in 1958 and now manages over 1 Billion in assets.. Since tit's humble beginnings, it has expanded to over 46 states. Liberty Bankers Life offers several annuity products as well as life insurance policies.

Rating Awarded to Liberty Bankers Life

AM Best, which is  the top rating agency for life insurance operating in the USA, has awarded the company with a solid B+ rating. This indicates the company has a  healthy financials overall.  

Liberty Bankers Life Life Insurance Product Offerings

Liberty Bankers  has 2 divisions for life insurance: home service related  products & broker distribution division products. 

These 2 divisions differ in the payment procedures. In the former division, payments may be received from your residence or home, whereas in the latter division, you may choose to send in bank drafts or checks to make your payment. 

The primary focus is placed on insurance for final expenses, therefore providing loved ones with necessary income for paying off burial and funeral expenses. 

Simplified Issue and Modified Whole Life

SIWL: This product has a lock-in for premium payments and provides death benefit protection throughout your whole life. There are Standard,& Preferred rate classes depending on lifestyle and health. Face amounts range between $1000 - $25000. Those in the age range 66-80 have face amounts capped at $15000.

* MWL: During the first 3 years, policy coverage will pay back all paid premiums along with an extra 10%. Beginning in year 4, you will receive 100% death benefits. In the 5th year, death benefits increase to 105%. In the 6th year, death benefits increase to 110%. This policy is available for those in the 40-80 age range.

* While the SIWL product is very competitive and highly thought of, the modified product is not. If you do not qualify for the SIWL product give us a call and we will apply with a carrier with a better modified or "graded" option.

Critical Condition: This is a rider offered by LBL. It ensures that in case you fall sick to a critical condition,  you can receive payments before you pass away. This is known as a  accelerated death benefit or a "living benefit".

Liberty Bankers Life Pro's & Con's


Liberty Bankers is a competitively priced SIWL carrier with significant niches that other carriers won't cover with "first day" coverage. Additionally, the process is simple. Fifteen minutes on the phone and your policy can be in force.

Competitive pricing combined with simplicity and good financial ratings pretty much sums it up


Liberty Banker is, no doubt, among the best insurance companies for most burial/final expense customers. However, they are not right for every body. This is particularly true if you do not qualify for the SIWL "first day coverage" policy. This is not really a knock on LBL, not every insurance company is perfect for every individual. 

Liberty Bankers may or may not be the perfect fit for you. However, it is vital to take all variables into consideration before choosing the right insurance company.

How To Find Out if LBL is the right fit for me?

It isn’t easy to figure it out alone. For finding the perfect life insurance plan for your conditions, you would require extensive knowledge about the insurance sector and the available plans of multiple carriers. 

While most final expense carriers are okay with diabetes, only a few ( Liberty Banker's Life for example) will entertain COPD. It is vital to talk to an expert to know whether LBL is a good fit for you.This is the value of an experienced independent agency with multiple carriers at their disposal.

Unlike a  "captive" agent who works for the insurer, an  independent agency is an unbiased advisor.

An ​advisor  like

NODLB.COM  Details

We are an organization with ample knowledge of current players and life insurance offerings in the industry. We monitor the contracts being offered by big and small firms alike. 

We’ll spend ample time, getting to know more details about you and suggest the best policies and companies based on this data. Life insurance contract suggestions will be provided to you based on your circumstances. 

You can walk away, assured in the knowledge that you’ve received the best deal available. 

While we may suggest you choose Liberty Bankers Life plans, since it is a great insurance firm, we may also choose to point you in another direction, based on your needs, budget, and requirements.

Call us today and let’s pick out the best policy for you!

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