Gerber Guaranteed burial Insurance Review

Company Highlights

gerber guaranteed burial life
  • Well Known Company With "Celebrity" Gerber Baby
  • Offers Guaranteed Issue Policies With 2 Year Waiting Period 
  • No Medical Exams Required


If you are considering purchasing Gerber Guaranteed burial insurance policies, you have landed in a good place. This review will briefly address the company’s history, financial ratings and offerings, underwriting niches, pricing, and alternatives.

You may have noticed we only gave Gerber 2.5 stars , yet we say they are an excellent carrier. What's the rub? 

We only gave 2.5 stars to the Gerber Guaranteed Burial Insurance  product, while among the leaders in its' category, should only be used when nothing else is available. We felt that we could't give more than two and a half stars to a product of last resort.

Insurance Products from Gerber Life

Gerber offers more than guaranteed issue burial policies, including term and traditional whole life. However, because the focus of is final expense, we will only mention one product other than GI policies. That product is the Gerber grow-up plan. We give the details of this plan because it is a favorite of grandparents.  

Gerber Life Grow-Up Plan

This plan happens to be a whole life insurance plan which one can purchase for their children or grandchildren, who are between 14 days - 14 years of age. This Grow-Up policy is a standard whole life insurance plan, with level premiums & a cash value buildup. However, several important differences do exist:

  • Till your child is 21 years of age, you will be the policy owner. Upon turning 21, they will become policy owners, with the choice to buy additional coverage with no health assessment.
  • One can only purchase between $5000-$50000 of Grow-up Plan insurance for their child. But, policy’s death benefits double up when children turn 18. A policy valued at $25000 will transform into a policy valued at $50000, without any increase in premium rates.

The Grow-Up policy’s cash value build-up is at guaranteed rates. Therefore, in about 25 years, your policy’s cash value will be equal or greater than all premiums paid in. However, a disadvantage is that, because child life insurance policies are inexpensive, the plan’s cash value doesn’t accumulate a much cash. Apart from that, Grow-Up policies are very similar to whole life insurance plans as they take 3-4 years before building up any appreciable cash value. Due to this, if you surrender your plan within your policy’s initial years, very little or no money will be refunded.  

Cash value buildup in Gerber Grow-Up Plans takes decades for turning sizable. Even after doubling up in size, death benefits are smaller than the typical requirements of an adult. Hence, a Gerber Life Grow-Up Plan’s primary value lies in its Gerber burial insurance death benefits, since these are ample enough for covering funeral and therapy costs for your family if your child were to pass away. However, if you desire this kind of insurance coverage for all your children, it might be better to purchase child riders on your personal life insurance plan. Child riders are less costly and can cover your kids with one single premium. This is preferable, given that if you have more than 1 child to provide insurance coverage for, individual Grow-Up policies have to be purchased for all of them. 

Young Adult Plan from Gerber Life

The Young Adult Plan from Gerber Life is identical in design as the the Grow-Up Plan. However, the former can be obtained for teenagers between 15-17. The big difference lies in pricing, with Young Adult Plans costing more in comparison

Gerber Guaranteed Burial Insurance

Seniors between 50-80 can obtain guaranteed acceptance whole life insurance from Gerber. This policy comes with level premiums with a cash value buildup. However, death benefits happen to be limited at around $5000 - $25000. Additionally, you also have to undergo a waiting period for 2 years after purchasing this plan. Should your death take place during this period, full death benefits won’t be paid. Your beneficiaries will then only refunded all premiums paid so far along with a 10% interest component. For instance, in case you passed away due to medical issues or heart disease, little money would be received by your family via insurance proceeds. 

Every guaranteed acceptance policy has waiting periods and maximum death benefits limit. However, Gerber provides better premium rates compared to most insurers offering this product. But do remember that guaranteed acceptance insurance policies are more expensive compared to other life insurance variants since insurers collect zero health data from you, leading them to automatically classify you as a high-risk candidate. This type of insurance policy is worth it only when you have major pre-existing health conditions, like kidney failure, requiring dialysis, or an inability to perform daily living activities without any assistance. 

Guaranteed Acceptance  Dismemberment & Accidental Death Insurance

Dismemberment & accidental death insurance provides several benefits to one’s family, in case you were to die or turn disabled during an accident. It is usually less expensive compared to conventional life insurance policies since one is statistically unlikely to due  to accidents (As accidents account for just 5% of all deaths)

Gerber Life’s premium rates for dismemberment and accidental death insurance are comparatively low when weighed against other insurers, especially if you suffer from any health conditions or are older. The AD&D insurance offered by them has a guaranteed acceptance clause, meaning no medical examinations or health questionnaires have to be given. Premiums aren’t dependent on age either. But policy death benefits are capped at $100000 and their availability is only for those aged 19-69. 

Based on the seriousness of the injuries sustained during your accident, Gerber may pay out various amounts, a standard procedure followed for any AD&D insurance. This is the breakdown:

  • In case you lose 2 limbs, 2 eyes, or one limb and one eye, 100% of death benefits will be paid out to you.
  • In case you lose 1 eye, 1 hand or 1 foot, 50% of death benefits will be paid out to you.
  • In case you pass away, beneficiaries are entitled to receive complete death benefits from your policy.

However, do note that Gerber won’t provide any sort of compensation for motion, hearing or speech inabilities due to accidents. For those requiring broader coverage, several other insurers provide coverage for all these disabilities along with coverage of loss of your limbs.  

Payments To Gerber Life

One can pay their premiums for their Gerber Life insurance policy via the company’s Internet portal or via check. Many insurers allow you to pay directly via your savings or checkings account. Gerber provides this along with an additional option of making payments via credit card. Also, if automatic billing procedures are enabled, you can obtain discounts on premiums of a few products as well. 

Customer Complaints & Reviews Regarding Gerber Life

Gerber has an excellent complaint record with the NAIC. However, complaints do happen. Like most guaranteed acceptance carriers, the issues often stem from applicants not fully understanding the 2 year waiting period to be eligible for the full benefit of the policy.   

The best way to protect against this confusion is to read and fully understand the requirements for beneficiaries to be paid in full. 

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