Case Studies of Clients

Client Avoids Getting Dinged for "off-label" medication Use

January, 2019                                 

 State: Georgia                    

  Female,  Non Smoker       

  Age 63                     

  COPD medication for Asama (Combivent Inhaler)

This applicant came to INSURECOPD.COM after having been declined by a carrier for using  COPD medications. The applicant didn't even have COPD diagnosed but was classified that way due to using Combivent for asthma attacks. Realizing it would be a tough sell to convince underwriting that the applicant didn't really  have COPD , we simply took the application to a carrier that would offer First Day Coverage with COPD.  The Result was  an approval for DAY ONE FULL COVERAGwith a voice signature. The happy client was insured in under 20 minutes with the policy being mailed out. If she didn't come to  she would have been faced with accepting a graded policy. We're glad she came to us for a second opinion and so is she!  

More  studies coming soon