Your Health Conditions Burial Underwriting Guide

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  • Discover how your health condition will be graded by burial carriers
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  • Most conditions are eligible for "day 1" coverage
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Health Underwriting

Regardless of your current health condition, we can help you obtain burial insurance.  However, the type of policy we can help you with will depend on your health.  These are the three possibilities:

Level Burial Coverage

Many, even most, health conditions can qualify for lever "'day 1" coverage with the full benefit available to beneficiaries and no waiting period. This is always the best option available.  to get an idea if you will qualify, take a look at the actual policy questions from a major insurer below. 

Graded Burial Coverage

Graded or modified policies start on day one, but vest over a two year period. If you were to die in year one, your beneficiaries would receive 30%-40%  of the benefit. If you were to die in year two, your loved ones would  receive 60%-70% depending on the carrier. After two years the policy would be fully vested and would pay the full amount. These policies are more expensive than level and generally not recommended.

Guaranteed Burial Coverage

Guaranteed issue policies are often the preferred option, if you cannot qualify for level offers. Guaranteed issue applications ask no medical questions. The only info other than payment, is age, gender & citizenship. These policies are available from age 50-80 and have a full  two year waiting period, if the insured is to pass during the two year period , the beneficiaries receive the premiums paid plus interest. These policies often are used to be a bridge to a level policy. They are more expensive than level, but less than graded. Currently, the most favorable guaranteed issue policy on the market is AIG guaranteed issue

Common Health Conditions Burial Underwriting 

Below we have provided links to the most common health concerns facing seniors. We have not included things like cholesterol of high blood pressure, as these conditions are of no concern to burial insurance carriers. Simply click a box to see  the underwriting guide for your condition. If you do not see your condition, don't worry. Simply send an email or use the quote tool and we will get right back to you. Thank you for choosing to research your life insurance options.

How To Get a Quote and Apply

Once you have determined that  you will qualify for coverage by reading the post on your most significant health condition, and looking over the  basic application questions, you can receive an immediate quote by using the quote tool on the condition page. You can manipulate the amount of coverage to meet you budget needs but you will not be able to manipulate the length of coverage as final expense insurance is "whole life' and does not expire like term insurance.

Note that all the carriers listed will allow you to do your application with your agent (raising hand) over the telephone and will put your policy in force the same day with no medical exam. 

That's right! No needles or appointments with doctors. 

So think about what is comfortable for your budget and once we receive your quote request we'll give you a call. If you have any questions at all don't hesitate to contact us and ask!

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