Burial Life Insurance with Retinopathy Reviewed

Condition Underwriting Highlights

burial insurance with retinopathy
  • Limited Number of Carriers Interested in Covering with no waiting
  • Guaranteed Issue Policies With 2 Year Waiting Period is common 
  • First Day -No Waiting Policy IS Possible


If you are considering purchasing Burial Life Insurance With Retinopathy, you have landed in a good place. This review will briefly address the policy’s financial ratings and offerings, underwriting niches, pricing, and alternatives.

Burial Life Insurance with Retinopathy

if you are here,  you already know that diabetes can be a devastating  disease. fraught with all sorts of related complications.. Diabetic retinopathy is among these related complications. This is when diabetes starts causing to damage various blood vessels present in your retinas. This can  eventually lead to blindness.

It is possible that you might have pursued ar final expenses plans with retinopathy in the past.  Those of you who have been on this journey before how tough it is for finding insurance firms which will issue you insurance policies. Even if that happens, finding affordable rates is still a challenge. If, on the other hand this is your first approach and you’re suffering from this condition, know that most insurers don’t respond favorably when they see your diagnosis.

Finding proper burial insurance for diabetics can be a nightmare  and this situation  is quite well-known. Once your diabetes condition has advanced to retinopathy, your chances of finding affordable burial insurance policies become significantly more challenging. Many carriers have internal rules that will decline your application if you suffer from retinopathy. However, don’t be disheartened, there are still options available. 

Obtaining Burial Insurance Policies With Retinopathy

It is possible for one to discover policies that not only come at affordable rates but also don’t require you to endure waiting periods. 

That's right! Despite suffering from retinopathy, there are final expenses firms out there who will issue plans, which will cost exactly the same amount it would cost a perfectly healthy person without any adverse medical conditions on his application. 

There’s also another cool feature. Burial insurance policies for those with retinopathy, like any other burial insurance policy, comes with a no-medical examination needed clause. This means that all you need to do is answer health-related questions and that’s about it. 

Surprised yet?

Being diagnosed with retinopathy often is a stressful affair. However, worrying about qualifying for final expenses insurance should not be an aspect you have to agonize and worry over. Lie down and chill since this article has been specifically designed for you folks. Every possible issue will be covered over the course of this article relating to burial insurance policies with retinopathy. A quick summary of most insurance firms’ responses to those with these conditions will be provided along with details on how one can discover the best final expenses policy available now.

What Should I Expect From Burial Insurance Companies?

Something you should know is that insurance firms virtually have no methods of finding out about a diagnosis of retinopathy by conducting an analysis of your complete prescription history. As this medical issue isn’t treated with medicines that are exclusively made for treating it, insurance firms can only go as far as asking you for an honest answer for whether you’ve ever suffered from this complication or not.

It is vital that you remain honest in all your answers. We’ll be completely dependent on your honesty. Lying on your insurance application means closer scrutiny if they catch the omission. From experience I can tell you that the lies seldom get through the underwriting process.

When you are going through the options available to you with  retinopathy, a factor you need to give a lot of weight to is time. Your policy choices are directly tied to your last retinopathy experience and when it occurred. 

There are 2 categories that you could fit into, which can open up a bunch of choices to go forward with. These are:

  • You’re currently suffering from or suffered from retinopathy during the past 2 years
  • You’ve suffered from retinopathy but this was well over 2 years ago.

Choices Available To You

Let’s talk about the second category first, since it has fewer points to follow. Those who had their last retinopathy experience occur over 2 years ago are mostly clear and free for choosing policies from any final expenses firm that you want. While every application will request your details regarding this condition, none of them will request these details for the period beyond the past 2 years. They’ll treat you as if you haven’t ever been diagnosed with retinopathy if the last diagnosis was 2 years ago. 

Therefore, do note that in case your diagnosis is older than 2 years, you have nothing to worry about. There are multiple companies out there, ready to get you approved for instant coverage at the lowest possible rates.

However, if the retinopathy diagnosis was made less than 2 years ago, you may find yourself to have considerably fewer choices. If you fall into this category, be prepared to face any of the following 4 responses from the insurance companies.

  • They’ll outright reject you
  • Policies can be obtained, but only at higher monthly premiums
  • A waiting period of 2 years may be imposed on you
  • Both a waiting period of 2 years and higher monthly premiums may be imposed. This is usually the most common response.

It is common to see insurance carriers increasingly go for the last choice, whereby they’ll charge you higher premiums and make you endure waiting periods of 2 years. 

However, there is some good news for you. A few burial insurance firms will accept patients with retinopathy without any strings attached. It means that no extra money has to be paid or they don’t need to go through with waiting periods of any time period. To be honest, there aren’t a whole lot of companies which allow this. However, there’s a few of them out there. 

Another Aspect To Be Kept In Mind

While the article has discussed the various aspects of retinopathy & related things, remember that most, if not all, final expenses firms will consider your complete health profile while they process your application. Retinopathy happens to be just a single piece out of a very big puzzle. There are multiple other health-related questions, dealing with other conditions. 

We’re telling you this since there are many companies which accept retinopathy patients. However, that is no assurance that other health conditions won’t be blocking their approval.

Your Next Step

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