Burial Insurance With Cirrhosis of The Liver

Condition Underwriting Highlights

burial insurance with cirrhosis of the liver
  • Often Related to Alcoholism or Hepatitis C
  • Level "day 1 " Coverage is Available 
  • Graded and Guaranteed issue  offers are common


If you are considering purchasing burial insurance with cirrhosis of the liver, you have landed in a good place. This review will briefly address the policy’s financial ratings and offerings, underwriting niches, pricing, and alternatives.

Why Are Insurance Firms Concerned About A Liver Cirrhosis Diagnosis?

The liver has multiple health-related functions it has to perform including the production of vital nutrients, detoxification of harmful substances in one’s body, and blood purification.

Insurance firms are aware that severe damage to the liver can end up in liver failure, eventually causing death.  

In USA alone,The National Institute for Health estimates that 1 in 200 males age 45-54 have cirrhosis. Cirrhosis can’t be cured or reversed unless liver transplants are used, which are effective in special cases. 

Cirrhosis can be halted or slowed down if this disease is discovered in its early stages before developing into a life-threatening condition.

Cirrhosis complications include:

  • Liver cancer
  • Kidney failure
  • Medication sensitivity
  • Gallstones
  • Enlarged spleen
  • Breast enlargement condition in men
  • Premature menopause
  • Muscle mass decline
  • Increased risks of contracting an infection
  • Excessive bruising and bleeding
  • Blood count changes
  • Reduce oxygen levels in one’s blood
  • Type 2 Diabetes and insulin resistance

These health conditions are capable of impacting the lifespan and mortality of patients with cirrhosis. Insurance firms might not provide their highest-rated policies, or any policies at all, for people suffering from cirrhosis.

Can I Qualify For Final Expenses Insurance In Spite Of Suffering From Liver Cirrhosis?

Suffering from liver cirrhosis won’t lead to your disqualification while applying for burial insurance plans. One may even be able to qualify for instant coverage, which would ensure you’re covered beginning from the first day. That means, complete coverage from the first day and no waiting periods. 

The  Truth About Final Expenses Insurance With Liver Cirrhosis

This condition is an extremely serious disease which can cause multiple issues and sabotage your application for a burial insurance policy.

It’s a health issue that all burial insurance companies ask you about. A liver cirrhosis diagnosis is extremely serious since it affects your entire body. The disease is capable of reducing your lifespan.

Cirrhosis means that you’ve got some serious damage to your liver. As a result of this, there are many insurance companies who consider liver cirrhosis patients to be applicants with a high level of risk.

Cirrhosis also happens to be a serious risk factor when it comes to liver cancer, an ever riskier condition for insurance companies. 

Due to this additional risk, people who’ve been diagnosed with liver cirrhosis may usually find that it’s difficult to obtain insurance coverage, or find life insurance options that  are quite expensive.  

While obtaining life insurance policies with a cirrhosis diagnosis may be quite difficult, it isn’t impossible. 

There are few companies which can provide full instant coverage in spite of having a liver cirrhosis diagnosis. No waiting periods have to be cleared for obtaining the policy.

Simplified Issue Life Insurance

Level Day One Coverage for Cirrhosis of The Liver

Simplified Issue policies come in a few different flavors. The best case scenario is level coverage with no waiting period. These plans are available with a couple of carriers even while suffering from cirrhosis.  The difficulty in getting this deal comes down to your agent knowing the right carrier and you not having additional conditions that will stop you from qualifying

Like all simplified issue plans, there is no medical exam required. Only a few basic questions related to your health have to be answered. Additionally, you may be able to obtain your policy on an "instant" basis.

You’ll receive full coverage from the first day and your beneficiaries will be awarded full death benefits upon your death, regardless of whether it takes place 3 months or 2 years from the date of issue of policy.

Modified Burial Coverage for Cirrhosis of The Liver

If your health conditions stop you from qualifying for day one coverage, a modified plan than starts instantly but only pays a percentage of the benefit before 2/3 years is up may be your best  bet. These plans are more expensive than  guaranteed issue but they start proving a benefit immediately. You must compare the cost-benefit of this product with  the guaranteed issue product.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

With this kind of policy, it does not matter how severe or mild your liver cirrhosis is. This is because your insurance policy approval will take place without any health questions being asked.

However, there is a 2 year waiting period for the benefit to begin. Should the insured pass prior to the 2 years, the beneficiaries will receive the premiums paid plus interest. 

Patients suffering from liver cirrhosis are able to easily obtain guaranteed issue life insurance policies. 

The only conditions are that you have to be a US citizen, living in the very state where these insurance policies are sold. You must also fulfill the age requirements for  for this kind of insurance plan( Generally age 50).

Underwriting of Burial Insurance Policies With A Liver Cirrhosis Diagnosis

The insurance firm will only be interested to know whether you have a liver cirrhosis diagnosis or not. Attempts will then be made by them for discovering your various health conditions by asking you health-related questions. Your prescriptions will also be checked. 

All burial insurance firms that offer instant coverage have several health-related questions in their application. Most companies will often associate specific periods of time while asking you regarding your liver cirrhosis diagnosis.

Most questions are phrased in the following manner:

  • Have you ever been treated/been diagnosed with/received advise to obtain liver cirrhosis treatment?
  • During the past 2 years, have you received treatment for liver  disease?

Those who are suffering from liver cirrhosis must answer honestly to this question since cirrhosis happens to be a serious liver disease/condition.

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