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burial insurance after diabetic coma
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If you are considering purchasing Burial Insurance after diabetic coma, you have landed in a good place. This review will briefly address the policy’s financial ratings and offerings, underwriting niches, pricing, and alternatives.

Diabetic Coma Details

This is a life-threatening condition which results due to extremely low or extremely high levels of glucose in one’s blood. It is quite serious, causing a patient affected by diabetes to lie in an unconscious state until proper medical intervention is received. While diabetic coma usually is reversible when instantly treated, patients who don’t receive the requisite treatment may wind up facing brain damage permanently or even die. 

What Are The 3 Types of Diabetic Coma?

I. Diabetic Ketoacidosis or DKA

This occurs when one’s sugar levels fall too low, leading to the body burning away fat to derive its energy.

II. Hypoglycemia

This occurs when one doesn’t have sufficient sugar or glucose in one’s blood. In case your brain doesn’t have access to required sugar levels, its functions start deteriorating, causing you to eventually fall unconscious. 

III.  Hyperosmolar Syndrome

This occurs when blood sugar levels get excessively high, causing one’s blood to turn syrupy and thick, a dangerous condition. The human body will attempt to remove this excess sugar in the blood by excreting it out via urine. 

Burial Insurance Policies With A History of Diabetic Coma

Obtaining burial insurance policies with this condition can be difficult. However, it is possible to qualify for burial insurance regardless of what you may have heard. There are many affordable choices you have, and it’s not affected by the fact that you’ve been in a diabetic coma before. What determines your options is the time period that has elapsed since the last diabetic coma. The following questions will be asked by insurance companies:

  • Have you been in a diabetic coma before?
  • Have you been in a diabetic coma during the past 24 months?

The category you are classified into will decide the responses of insurance companies to your insurance application.

Carriers who ask you regarding recent diabetic comas are likely to reject you for Day One coverage policies. They won’t be willing to take a chances due on your condition.

Those with a history of diabetic coma occurring in the past 24 months may find companies imposing waiting periods and charging higher premiums. Those who’ve experienced a diabetic coma which occurred over 24 months ago would find themselves qualifying for instant coverage.

Many burial insurance firms today offer Day One coverage based on the time elapsed since your last diabetic coma. No waiting periods are imposed and premiums are equal to the ones paid by perfectly healthy people. No medical exams have to be taken or doctor records need to be submitted for qualifying for this policy.

Due to life expectancy rising steadily along with improving treatments, life insurance companies have become lenient regarding their underwriting clauses, offering better choices compared to before. You just have to know the right place to search. 

Questions You Can Expect From The Insurance Carrier

While burial insurance policies require no medical exams to be taken, some health questions do need to be answered.. However, these questions are dependent on which insurance carrier you are applying with. While some firms ask many more questions compared to others, it is important that one answer all their questions honestly to derive maximum advantage.

These are the questions your insurance firm is likely to ask you about:

  • Details about your current weight and height
  • The type of diabetes you’re suffering from
  • At what age did you receive your diabetes diagnosis?
  • How many insulin units are taken on a daily basis?
  • Do you suffer from retinopathy or eye issues due to your diabetes?
  • Your current hemoglobin/glucose levels
  • Which medications are you currently taking
  • Do you suffer from other health conditions like high cholesterol or high BP?
  • Have you experienced diabetic coma in the past?
  • Have you undergone an amputation due to your diabetes?
  • Do you suffer from nephropathy or kidney issues due to your diabetes?
  • Have you experienced insulin shock in the past?
  • Do you suffer from neuropathy or circulatory/nerve issues due to your diabetes?

By answering all these questions in an honest manner, you can help us figure out the premium rates you can receive and the companies best suited for you, based on your health conditions. The important point to keep in mind is to ensure that your health condition happens to be sufficiently controlled.

Possible Outcomes

If you’ve got diabetes, you may falsely assume that obtaining burial insurance at affordable rates is an impossible task. However, that is anything but true. There happen to be many insurance policy options for both burial insurance and final expenses coverage which you may pick from. Here,is what you can expect.

Option 1: Your application will be rejected outright

This might be done due to you having had a diabetic coma in the recent past. This condition will cause your application being categorized as being highly risky by insurance firms.

Option 2: Higher premiums may be imposed on you

Those with a history of diabetic coma may find that the insurance firm will issue them a policy. However, it’ll come with higher premiums. One advantage is that no waiting periods may be imposed.

Option 3: Higher premiums may be imposed on you along with waiting periods

This happens to be the most issued offer for people with a history of diabetic coma. Those who’ve been in a diabetic coma and suffer from diabetes have their applications categorized as a high-risk. Due to this, insurance companies are likely to charge you higher premiums and require a waiting period of 2 years. 

Beneficiaries won’t be eligible to receive full death benefits in case your demise takes place during this waiting period. All premiums paid so far will be refunded to them along with an interest component of 10%.

Option 4: Your application may be approved

Insurance companies without questions regarding diabetic coma are likely to issue you a policy without any conditions attached. Coverage will be offered without your history of diabetic coma affecting your terms. You’ll be treated as a healthy individual. Instant coverage will be provided at rates similar to those without any health complications.

How To Obtain Affordable Premium Rates With A History of Diabetic Coma?

The best course of action to obtain a burial policy after diabetic coma is to shop with the help of an experienced agent. The fact is that different carriers have different appetites for risk, The only way to know you are getting a great deal is to have access to multiple carriers and have the expertise of an independent agent who knows the different underwriting standards of various carriers. 

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